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Carefully Groomed

4 years ago

Cleaner living aims at simplicity. This is misleading. Simplicity sounds easy.

Cleaner living is not easy. It is carefully groomed. Take for example, sad feelings. Sad feelings are often (usually?) a result of holding on to something too much and feeling the loss. Sometimes we feel sad even before we lose something simply because we anticipate the loss.

The solution is to let go. Letting go is very hard. It takes years of practice and training. It is not natural. This training is one aspect of grooming oneself for the simple life.

When you can let go of things, life is indeed simpler. It is not a lot easier at first, but after you have let go of things, life is much easier.

One of the reasons letting go is so hard is that we confuse letting go with not caring. It requires a delicate balance to let go of things (our memories, our loves and cares) without stopping caring. We can care for them and at the same time not ‘cling’ but this takes a lot of practice.

Let’s start practicing then! It’s worth it!