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Cleaner Lives Through Death

4 years ago

I just re-read an article about death. I realized that death helps us lead cleaner lives. You can read the article here.

No One Here Gets Out Alive

Jim Morrison said it fairly plainly: “Five to one, baby One in five No one here gets out alive”

I think many of us live as though this were not true (what is your aspiration? ). We are intellectually aware of this truth but not emotionally. Yet, at the end of the day, death motivates us all.

When you are hungry you move to get food (or die). When you feel pain you move away from it (pain is an indicator of the danger of death after all…). Death hunts us and always spurs us to move.

Use This

Use this awareness to make your life cleaner. Use this awareness to help you focus on what is really important. As one woman in the article above says,

“At the end of their lives, people are incapable of bullshit. The normal distractions fall off the map. You can’t help but be yourself.” Think of your approaching death to help you cut through the flotsam and jetsam in your life and push through to your target.


Clarity is the gift death gives us, if we choose to accept it.