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Cleaner Living is like a Clean Room

4 years ago

The internal side of living clean..? What am I talking about?


I am talking about the inner side - not our actions and speech but our intentions. Consistency is what is important, not the overlying shapes. Many people want to live clean. There are many reasons for this. But we often end up short circuiting ourselves. Like the intention to keep a room clean and then buying things impulsively and ending up with a over-filled messy room.


On the inner side of things, if you get your intentions straight, you will live much cleaner. Without a consistent inner approach, you will spend a lot of time and energy flailing about, doing and undoing the things you have done.

Have the discipline to keep the order of the room regardless of our daily fluctuations in our moods and desires.

Self Deception Revealed

What I did not notice was that most of my thoughts were repetitions in different shades of the same color. Now, I think it is rather like a cow regurgitating and chewing. We re-think the same thoughts again and again, as if to reassure ourselves that this is who we are. Is this the best use we can put our attentions to? Probably not.

It is like moving the furniture , taking things in and out of storage, or not putting them away. Why can't we have the discipline to just leave it be for a while?

Thinking is Not Bad

A simple reaction to this would be to naively label thinking as bad, as a waste of our time. Obviously, thinking is a wonderful and handy tool. But, it is like medicine. Thinking that some medicine is good, so more medicine is better is just plain faulty. That is why we have to reduce the clutter if we want to have cleaner thinking. Put away things when they are not needed, rather than compulsively thinking those thoughts all the time.

My Stage

I am in the process of trying to reduce the compulsive thinking. Years of this habit has made it very hard to break, and it takes a lot of internal discipline and will power to change my habits and reduce my thinking.


My great triumph for the moment has been to become aware of these superfluous thoughts. Until you are aware of them you cannot possibly work at reducing them. Once you are aware of them, it becomes like weeding a garden. Just work on one at a time.