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Cleaning Out the Inside

3 years ago

Live cleaner by reducing the things you have.

Fewer things

Fewer things means less to keep organized and tidy. Clean equals tidy. That leads us to cleaner living. Living with fewer things inevitably leads to cleaner living, which is what this whole site is about. Living with less means touching the world lightly. That is just as true on the outside (physical things) as on the inside (mental things).

Inside and Out

Fewer things on the outside ('things') is much easier to keep clean. Oh, sure it takes discipline to cut back what we own. But who said cleaner living was a cakewalk?

Anything of value has value partly because of the difficulty of attaining it. Now, what about the inside? The same applies. Fewer things on the inside means it is easier to keep clean inside. You know... the mental side.

The mind.

What are the things in our minds? Thoughts. So having fewer thoughts makes it easier to keep them neat and tidy. And a nice tidy toolshed makes it easy to get what you need when you need it.


Tools magnify our power. With the right tool, we can work wonders. And a nice clean toolshed gives us quick access to the right tool. Quick access means even more power. The power of speed. So cleaner living will increase our power. That means being happy (and hopefully we will use our power with sobriety). But what has this got to do with the Inside?

Use the Right Tool

The wrong tool used at the wrong time can lead to unwanted or even disastrous outcomes. And on the inside of things (the mind) our tools (things in our mind) are our thoughts. By this point, hopefully we have started to straighten out our thoughts, and keep them neat (the clean toolshed). Our next step is to start using the right tool at the right time. Of course, we only need to use tools when we have a constructive function to accomplish. After we are finished the task at hand, put the tools down until the next task pops up.

What This All Means

This means stop thinking, unless you have work at hand that you have to think about. There are many, untold benefits to this. Of course, this is one form of meditation.

What is Meditation?

Lots of different sources talk about meditation. For this blog, let us agree that meditation is not thinking. No internal dialog. Internal silence. Just for the purposes of making the blog easier to understand, we will limit ourselves to that definition on this blog. But keeping silent is not easy. We have an enemy. The enemy is us. We are in the habit of thinking.

Thoughts seem to pop up in our heads out of nowhere. In fact, they seem to control us. It is time to take control.

But the enemy will not give up easily. Cleaner living demands a state of war.

Total War

It is time to declare war. And fighting a war half-way will lead to defeat. We have to live in a state of total war. That demands the most from us. the more we put into it, the more we get back. We get back control. We get back cleaner living. We get back a precious state of grace. The war is fought by being vigilant towards our thoughts. Put an end to extraneous or irrelevant thoughts. This is a form of mindfulness. When you are in mid action, focus on the action - don't reflect on it or think about it - just do it. This fosters undivided attention and unity.

If all this sounds too much, remember in war we lose many battles, but that does not mean we lose the war. Just keep going.

Just do it.