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First Big post on Cleaner Living

4 years ago

Welcome to Cleaner Living: An Exercise in thinking to make the world cleaner, stronger and simpler. Welcome to the first post on Cleaner Living. Well, it is not the first post. It is the next in a series of restarts. I am focusing the purpose and vision of this site, both on the content side, and on the blog and presentation side.


Cleaner Living is not about how to keep your house clean. Or rather, not your physical house. It is about starting from the inside. Cleaning from the inside out.


This site is about a radically old way of keeping things clean; a radically old message from the ancients. No, not some mysterious ancient race that has been lost. I mean the classical ancients, the Greeks, and the Romans.

New Angle

But not all of it is about Greek and Roman thought. You can get that in the library. I have contemporized these thoughts, and taken a new angle on them. I do not claim to be a guru. I have read lots of different people’s ideas, and experimented with many. Lots of the ideas I have applied ‘worked’. I am passing that on.


The Spartans had some good ideas that really strike a chord within me. This spells difficult. I mean, those Spartans did not believe in taking the easy way. Their mode of living was hard.

There IS no EASY way

If you want the easy life (easy street), go somewhere else. If you want a good life, full of well being, then stick around. You might find some ideas here that will help you realize (not understand - make real) that goal.