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Living Lighter by Cleaning Up

3 years ago

Start by putting away things. As I mentioned in the previous post - don't keep the 20% of the things that you use 80% of the time out.

Put them away. That 20% has a curious way of creeping up into 30 and 40%.


This will also give you discipline. You need discipline to live cleanly. Sloppiness is easy.

Make Due

It also forces you to make due with less. That makes life simple. Simple and clean go hand in hand.


Finally, putting things away (cleaning up) helps you on the path to detachment. Detachment is a slippery concept. For years, I had thought it was equal to not caring.

Deliberate Caring

I was wrong. Detachment is deliberate caring. I think of it this way. Without detachment, my caring controls me. With detachment, I control my caring.


It is a state that takes discipline to arrive at. And it takes discipline to maintain. (rather akin to sobriety in the most general sense).


So start putting things away carefully. Start practicing detachment. Start small. And start from the inside. From the beginning.