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Pleasure vs Happiness

3 years ago

The pursuit of happiness is one of mankind’s greatest (read: ‘most common’) endeavors. Perhaps it is the most confusing, too. It is simple on the surface, yet it runs deep, and it is full of currents to confuse and mislead us. One of the currents that misleads us is the current of pleasure. It is easy to mistake pleasure for happiness. And some people will happily argue that pleasure produces happiness.

This kind of thinking is misguided and wrong. Pleasure is only skin deep. Happiness starts at the core and moves out. Pleasure is a product of some physical or mental stimulation. Happiness is the product of some physical or mental exertion. Yet the two often seem similar. They are both ephemeral, temporary. They both make us smile. We seek both happiness and pleasure. Sure, they are often the same.

But not always.

There is a valuable and important distinction between pleasure and happiness. That is not to say it is easy to clear up the distinction. One mystery only leads to another. The pursuit of happiness may or may not be man’s greatest or highest attainment. That is another question altogether. But for cleaner lives, and cleaner living, we need to be aware of the distinction between pleasure and happiness.

It helps us clean up our thinking.