Cleaner Living

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What is Cleaner Living?

4 years ago


Cleaner living embraces mystery. The world is a mystery. It cannot be understood. We can see it, and live it but we fundamentally understand it. Our understanding has limits.

This is the beginning of humility.

Anyway, understanding is not really necessary. It is a luxury and arrogant. This may seem the opposite of our ‘age of understanding’ mentality. For instance, scientists have become very good at explaining things. But they can explain ‘how’. They cannot touch ‘why’. That is outside their (our) domain.


Live by observing. We can learn by observing. Science cannot teach us the fundamental nature of the universe, but the scientific method is invaluable for learning. Learning is necessary and good - good in the sense of beneficial.


Cleaner living does not concern itself with morality. Morality is a human construction, much like laws and hence ultimately arbitrary. We humans are much to small to be the center of some cosmic rules or laws.

Morality is important for our social lives but not more than that. It is a social construct.

Let Go

Cleaner living seeks to minimize our accumulations. Go light.

To do this you must learn to let go. Let go in all senses. Bring the absolute minimum. this is an ideal to be sought after. We usually can’t do this in our day to day life.


All is attention. What are you doing with your attention? Are you focusing your attention on things, or ideas or the moment at hand? Mindfulness is a good (beneficial) target for our attention. It makes us strong and clear and clean.

Being thrifty with your attention is very beneficial.